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CGWM-17 Rolling Force and Tension Load Cell CQHG-1(C) Bridge Type Load Cell CQHG-1(E) Bridge Type Load Cell CGWM-9C Torsion Disc Type High Precision Load Cell CFLZH-1 Air Cooling Type Special Continuous Casting (high temperature ) Load Cell CGWM-1 Sealed High Stability Load Cell CGWM-3 Sealed High Stability Load Cell CGWM-8A High Stability Load Cell CGWM-9A Torsion Disc Type High Precision Load Cell CGWM-9BTorsion Disc Type High Precision Load Cell CGWM-7 Suspension Girder Load Cell CGWM-11 Porous Type Load Cell CDLG-1(CGWM-12) Wild Type S Pressure Load Cell CGWM-13 High Stability of Biaxial Type Load Cell CLHGM-1 Sealing High Precision Wheel Type Load Cell CLZH-2 Special for Continuous Casting Load Cell CHH-1 Box Type Load Cell CTHM-2A Sealing Cylinder Type Load Cell CBLGM-1(A/B) High Precision Plate Sealing Ring Type Pressure Load Cell CBLGM-S Waterproof Seal Weld Impact Pull Pressure Load Cell CDGM-1 Low Profile High Precision Load Cell CFCKN-1(A/B/C) Waterproof Torsion Shock Pressure Resistance Load Cell CFHG-1(A/B/C/D) High Precision Method of Cantilever Beam Load Cell CQHG-1(A) Bridge Type High Precision Load Cell CQHG-1(B) Bridge Type High Precision Load Cell CQHG-1(D) Bridge Type Track Load Cell CQHG-1(F) Bridge Type Load Cell CQHG-1(G) Adjustable sensitivity tension sensor LT110 Digital Display LT009 Digital Display CGWM-16A Slab Load Cell CGWM-16B T-Block Load Cell CGWM-16C Disc Load Cell CGWM-16D Washer Load Cell JXH-2 Junction Box LTBS-1 Weight Transmitter LT802 Rolling Force Display Controller
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